Promotion of the "Asclepieion" Project

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All promotional activities concerning the concept of Modern Asclepieions are carried out by the "Friends of the Asclepieion Park of Athens" Association. These include:

bulletImprovement and Maintenance of the Asclepieion Park of Athens web site and pages
bulletPublication of the Asclepieion URL to the search engines operating at the WWW
bulletRegular publication to relevant conferences of the cyber space for information provision and fostering Collaboration
bulletDevelopment of ‘intelligent’ pages, offering to visitors easy and efficient participation to the Asclepieion activities
bulletOrganisation of workshops and conferences
bulletPromotion of research activities
bulletSeek of strategic partners
bulletExploitation of opportunities offered by the Programmes of the Commission of the European Union
bulletCo-operation with International Organisations specialising in Health and Culture
bulletExploitation of the opportunities offered by the Greek programme of Bi-lateral in Research and Technology co-operation