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Asclepieion Park of Athens

The first pilot application of a Modern Asclepieion 

Welcome to the Modern Asclepieions world. We are working to organise the 2nd Conference on Modern Asclepieions. The 1st Panhellenic Conference on Modern Asclepieions took place in Athens on October 20, 2000 and in Elefsis on October 21, 2000

The 'Asclepieion Park of Athens' is the first pilot application of the 'Modern Asclepieions' concept i.e. areas where Health and Culture are promoted in parallel and in harmony for the benefit of the citizens, the patients, the people who look after them and the healthcare and welfare workers.

The 'Modern Asclepieions' concept is based on the Ancient Asclepieions, as they were conceived, developed, functioned and evolved in the Ancient Greek World. 

The creation of the 'Asclepieion Park of Athens', has to be decided by the Greek Government in the context of the general planning of the Greater Athens Area (affecting a  population of more than 4 million people). This has not yet happened.  Instead the School of Medicine of the University of Athens promotes since June 2003, the creation of The Modern Asclepieion of the School of Medicine in the campus of the School in down town Athens, which actually occupies the South -East part of the Asclepieion Park.

Modern Asclepieions: A PowerPoint presentation during the eHealth Conference organised by the Swiss Medical Association, Zurich, October 16-17, 2003

Organising the 1st International Event of Modern Asclepieions

Asclepieion Park of Athens" and the Athens 2004 Olympic Games (it is history now!)

Latest News since June 2005 (blog)

Latest News(up to June 2005)


The links below allow the visitor to find out facts and figures that emphasize various aspects of "Modern Asclepieions".

The links below allow the visitor to find out facts and figures regarding the 'Asclepieion Park of Athens' Project.

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Asclepieion Park of Athens area
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New Asclepieions and the Youth
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The following pages provide information about the 'Friends of the Asclepieion Park of Athens' Association. The Association was dissolved in 2003. All the activities concerning Modern Asclepieions are undertaken by the University of Athens.


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