The concept of Modern Asclepieion Parks is to design, as part of city planning, large enough green-areas where the natural world can be related to health and culture. These areas need to provide attractive facilities for all city residents and visitors so that they may have the opportunity to engage in Ďactivitiesí, which will promote health maintenance, life-long learning, social interaction and cultural pursuits. In todayís world, such services can be most effectively supported by the new scientific and technological innovations of the developing information society. Suitable infrastructures will need to be built for the effective and efficient exploitation of the opportunities offered by these new technologies.

The developments in the telematic technologies i.e. the combination of information and communication technologies (ICTís), are expected to provide new powerful products, processes and services for the solution of existing complex and chronic societal problems. As a result they will also facilitate the introduction of innovations in all the activities related to Environment, Health and Culture.

A number of cities in technologically advanced countries, have already developed ICT applications and services in several key areas. Many of them are focusing on information provision and education. Health and Arts appear as two sectors that will attract considerable interest in the next few years. The majority of the cities of the world have not however been decisively engaged in providing a digital environment for the new information era. The new millennium will see a generation of young people who will expect to use the new information and communications technologies as part of their normal everyday lives. Every effort therefore should be made to ensure the maximum benefit from integrated services that can improve the quality of life for all.

The expected results of such activities will have a very positive impact towards the materialisation of the vision of the developing Information Society, including the equity of access to high quality services, the participation of all residents to desired activities and the satisfactory provision of information and knowledge.

The planned use of the new information and communications technologies (ICTís) can make all this possible and their implementation could translate the myth of Asclepios into a modern reality for all, irrespective of location and disadvantage.