Modern Asclepieions are areas in which the relevant activities, applications and services are based on the ideals and the values of the Ancient Asclepieions. They represent modern realisations of the ancient model with the prospect on one hand to cover the current needs of the citizens in relation to health and culture and on the other hand to create new prototypes and installations suitable to serve the present and the future generations.

Several issues of those related to Modern Asclepieions are innovative, other are new and other represent new approaches that will hopefully lead to new solutions. There exists therefore a vast array of issues and topics suitable for state of the art research and development initiatives.

The strategy to be followed is still in its development phase. One of its main pillars however is the interdisciplinary approach for problem solution. A second one is the need for the establishment of a spectrum of 'core activitiesí. This is indispensable in order to preserve the original conception, the harmonisation of the proposed approaches and designs with the basic ethical, deontological and aesthetic principles and finally the conformance of the implementation mechanisms and the services to the same basic principles.

Specific sectors in which the activities need to be developed are those of health, medicine, athleticism, sociology, environment and education. The search for solutions with the assistance of modern scientific and technological achievements will constitute the fundamental characteristic of the research and development strategy to be shaped.