Note to Visitors: These pages were presented for the first time in 1999. At this moment the  dream to convince  the authorities to create the  Asclepieion Park of Athens was still possible. Time past  quickly and now (March 2004) everything is in shambles, with people just trying to complete in time the installations for the Games. What a pity.

                                 We have tried to maintain the pages and add useful information. The task proved difficult given the bitterness which has flooded us in tandem with our inability to be proved effective and efficient.

Now these pages are simply a relic of the past and of our unsuccessful efforts of the period ended with the Athens 2004 Olympic Games

August 13 - 29 2004

Olympic Venues

Modern Pentathlon

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The creation of the Asclepieion Park of Athens coincides with the preparatory  works for the Athens

 2004 Olympic Games. Map of Attica indicating Goudi Olympic Complex.













It is already decided the Olympic Games of Modern Pentathlon and the Badminton will take place inside the Asclepieion Park.

Those interested to have more information, can follow the links at the left hand side of this page or the one at the upper right hand corner.

In contrast to the Olympic Games which will last for 17 days only - form August 13 to August 29, 2004 - the Asclepieion Park will be always available to the citizens of the Athens Greater area and to its visitors, contributing to their continuous efforts for more and better Health and Culture.

The Asclepieion Park is expected to rise to a valuable contributor:

- as a polyvalent centre for healthcare services to athletes, and visitors that are expected to flood the area during the event

- as the venue for the Olympic Games of Modern Pentathlon and Badminton

- as a venue for hosting cultural activities for visitors and citizens

- as a major area of greenery imposing the North-East area of the Greek Capital, an area that is expected to feel a sizeable pressure from activities during the Games as well as of the newly inaugurated new Athens International Airport and the intense traffic on the roads leading to it 

- as a recreational area offering opportunities for human improvement and education easily accessible to everyone using  mainly public transport services such as the Athens underground (two of its stations are at the perimeter of the Asclepieion Park)