The Asclepieion Park of Athens as a Digital Site

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The Greek General Secretariat of Research and Technology, based on a proposal by the ‘Friends of the Asclepieion Park of Athens’, has commissioned to a 5 member research group of scientists a study entitled ‘Design of A Digital Site for Healthcare: The Asclepieion Park of Athens’.

The mandate was to describe the content of a project with emphasis on the economic and research aspects. It also included the description of a Technical Annex of the project and the supporting documentation for submission to the Management Committee of the 2nd Community Support Framework (the joint European Union-Greek Programme of R&T Development for the years 1997-1999) for inclusion in the relevant activities.

The Group proposed activities related to the exploitation of modern telematic technologies for applications and services in the domains of telemedicine, tele-education, tele-working, environmental management, management of energy needs, management of traffic around and inside the Asclepieion, provision of welfare services, support of cultural activities and athleticism etc.

The study was completed in May 1998 and was approved by the Management Committee. The GSRT will procure, as soon as possible, the above mentioned project.

Inside the Asclepieion Park of Athens it will be possible to offer to all those in need, a complete range of quality services in healthcare and welfare. The services will include:

bulletinformation on health issues for all ages with emphasis on children
bulletpromotion of health
bulletpreventive healthcare and screening
bulletpatient education
bulletmedical services irrespective of the gravity of symptoms
bulletsupport to other healthcare units of the same or inferior level
bulletgraduate medical education
bulletcontinuous medical education
bulletscientific and technological research

The achievement of these goals necessitates modern infrastructures that exist only to a limited extend in Greece today. The will also necessitate a possible reorganisation of the existing healthcare units, the consensus on and implementation of new procedures and the introduction of new management techniques.