The Asclepieion Park of Athens on the Internet

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The program of the Asclepieion Park of Athens and the promotion of the concept of Modern Asclepieions in general, naturally exploits the possibilities offered by World Wide Web.

The design of the Asclepieion Web Pages (, places emphasis to the opportunities for active participation at national as well as international level. A positive response to the concepts of the Modern Asclepieions, including deposition of proposals and ideas and alternative approaches will be a proof of the effectiveness of the Web Site.

The Web pages aim to become a repository of all the activities related to the promotion of the research work undertaken or to be undertaken in the context of Modern Asclepieions. In addition the ease of accumulation of new proposals and ideas originating from scientists linked to the WWW, is expected to strengthen the Site, so as to become a "reference repository" and "a starting point" for all future activities.

The original design and the continuation of the first pages started the last trimester of 1997, at the School of Medicine of the University of Athens.

A collection of photographs, slides and maps concerning the Asclepieion Park of Athens has been maintained at the an Internet site of the School of Medicine of the University of Athens since late 1997. The collection presents the current situation inside and around the Asclepieion Park and brings to the surface problems requiring immediate engagement and solutions in line with its character.

The developers of the Asclepieion Web pages are Dimitrios Sotiriou, Assoc. Prof. and President of the Association "Friends of the Asclepieion Park of Athens" and Dimitrios Kouimintzis, Medical student, research assistant.